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Policies & Guidelines

Our policies at Jeté Dance Studio are outlined below to keep all students safe and to help all students receive the most from their training. Please read the list below before starting classes:
* All students are expected to be on time to class. If you know that the dancer may be a few minutes late please notify the front desk. If a dancer is more than 15 minutes late they may be asked to sit down and watch; this is to protect them from possible injury if not warmed up properly.
* If a dancer is late, it is expected that the student quietly open the door and wait for the teacher to welcome them in.
* At the start of every class, the teacher will open the door and welcome the students in. Please do not send your child into the dance studio until the teacher has called the class in, as prior to class time the teacher may be setting up.
* All students entering the dance studio at the start of class should be fully ready with proper dance attire and hair pulled back. Please see the dress code per class registered for. Please have child come ready or you may use our dressing room.
* All bags, shoes, and personal belongings need to stay in the reception area or dressing room.
* No food, drinks, gum, street shoes, or cell phones inside the dance studio.
* Drinks and snacks may be eaten in the reception; however NO peanut or nut snacks please.
* No running, rough play, or screaming in the reception area or hallways.
* If a dancer is absent a makeup class is available. Please call the front desk to notify. No refund is given on missed classes.
* No refunds are given on registered classes. Registered classes are non-transferable to other students.
* All students are expected to follow proper dance etiquette, which will be taught as part of their dance training.
* Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. If a student consistently misbehaves, the director will notify the parent.

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